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Hab eine Liste gefunden mit allen wichtigen Buffs die auch noch eingeteilt sind je nachdem ob sie sich überschreiben, oder nicht. Ist zwar für die Allianz, aber der großteil ist auf beiden Seiten gleich denk ich.

Zitat aus dem original Thread von Taladril:

"I made this as a useful reference for my guild as I was frustrated not knowing what buffs I could get or buy. There are a lot that overwrite each other, share the same cooldown, get overwritten with basic buffing, etc. I wanted to document what's out there, what buff slot it shares and how to get it. Sorry it's alliance only.

Consumables List

How to read:
Buffs are separated by general category. In each category some buffs may be next to each other. These buffs share the same "slot" so you can only choose one. If there is a hard colored row break then the buff is in a different slot. For example, looking at the hunter tab, you can only have Elixir of the Mongoose or Elixir of Agility. These potions are next to each other. However you can have a protection potion and Elixir of the Mongoose at the same time because there's a break between them."
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